About Adam Killander

When I am not building stuff & learning new frameworks I like to run, play games & watch movies.

Frontend Killander

With the user in focus

For many years I have been working with graphic design, frontend development & creating user-friendly products in a variety of ways. Below I list the skills & competences I have with me as a result of my work:
  • Can translate customer requests into digital solutions
  • Awesome eye for graphic design & layout
  • Interested in UX & creating good customer experience
  • Burns to benefit & develop both people & products
  • Interested in both frontend development & stylish design
  • Like using the technology for utility to users

Who am I

I am passionate about frontend development, love new features & nice code. I am careful & structured with detail focus but also know when something is "good enough" & is good at meeting deadlines. I have easy to switch between social & sharp mode & like to transform design ideas into reality with the user in focus

In my spare time, I would like to relax by watching movies, have a "fika" or exercising. I also love music & play drums.

My work today

I work at Onmedia's SEO & development department, on the Design Unit. Primarily responsible for design, function development & SEO of our customers websites. For example, expanding an existing function or creating a new one, optimize speed & loading times. I also create varying reports & wireframes.

In our larger projects, we work in teams where I am the link between technology & the customer. I also conduct a few smaller projects where I handle everything from analysis, frontend development & processing of results & statistics.

What do I want

My dream is to become a great frontend developer with knowledge of everything about the subject. Not only today, but also tomorrow's latest technology & frameworks. I do not want to stay there either, I also seek knowledge of Backend system, market, product & function development.

Becoming an expert in everything will be difficult, but basic knowledge & with a great focus on frontend development, I hope to build & design the coolest systems!

I've been working on amazing companies in my years & it's hard to say what the perfect workplace is. As long as I develop myself, develop products & get the chance to work with something that creates value or difference for others, I'm home.
...a nice office is also nice!